Accepted Papers

  • Automated Information Retrieval Model using FP Growth based Fuzzy Particle Swarm Optimization
    Raja Varma Pamba1, Elizabeth Sherly2, and Kiran Mohan3, 1Mahatma Gandhi University, India, 2Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management-Kerala, India and 3Payszone LLC LTD, UAE

    To mine out relevant facts at the time of need from web has been a tenuous task. Research on diverse fields are fine tuning methodologies toward these goals that extracts the best of information relevant to the users search query. In the proposed methodology discussed in this paper find ways to ease the search complexity tackling the severe issues hindering the performance of traditional approaches in use. The proposed methodology find effective means to find all possible semantic relatable frequent sets with FP Growth algorithm. The outcome of which is the further source of fuel for Bio inspired Fuzzy PSO to find the optimal attractive points for the web documents to get clustered meeting the requirement of the search query without losing the relevance. On the whole the proposed system optimizes the objective function of minimizing the intra cluster differences and maximizes the inter cluster distances along with retention of all possible relationships with the search context intact. The major contribution being the system finds all possible combinations matching the user search transaction and thereby making the system more meaningful. These relatable sets form the set of particles for Fuzzy Clustering as well as PSO and thus being unbiased and maintains a innate behaviour for any number of new additions to follow the herd behaviourís evaluations reveals the proposed methodology fares well as an optimized and effective enhancements over the conventional approaches.